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AccountStream provides specialist direct marketing for accountancy practices around the UK, from new starters to large multi-partner firms.

We operate cost-effective, systematic telemarketing campaigns on an exclusive basis, and advise on broader marketing matters.

Comprehensive Package

Our commission-based, comprehensive package encompasses setting qualified appointments with business decision makers, to guiding the conversion of these appointments into committed new clients.

In the way we structure our service, we aim to maximise the benefits for our clients and to minimise the risks.

Flexible service levels are available to suit our clients' circumstances.

These service levels are set by the rate our clients wish to grow. Using our strengths and experience, we deliver a service to make our clients' ambitions possible.

The right clients at the right pace.

Percentage of all AccountStream introductions that converted into committed new clients

Average annual value of each committed new client introduced by AccountStream


Appointment-only service

Our appointment-only service suits clients with strong sales skills, who are looking only for initial introductions, without any post-appointment follow-up.

This simple service is priced per appointment.

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